Frank Ocean Is Gay: A Ten-Point History of Coming Out in Music, From Bowie to Lance Bass

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Melissa Etheridge
In the early '90s, Etheridge was a powerful icon for all women, finding fame with strong and personal songwriting. She got her start performing in lesbian bars and came out to the world while supporting then-President Clinton at the Triangle Ball in 1993. And since coming out, she's remained a prominent activist for gay and lesbian rights.

Lance Bass
Back in the late '90s, everyone made fun of N*SYNC for being gay. But in 2006, it was a shock to many boy band fans when member Bass came out in People magazine. He was awarded the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award later that year, and even published an autobiography. In a post-millennial world, being honest about yourself won't kill your career. It can even give it a boost.

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I like that David "50" later hold one for me "no problemay" lol!


 It's not a bad as any media article portrqays it ? A few bad apples always ruins it for others ?

Jim Camp
Jim Camp

Wow, virtually everyone of these gay & lesbian artists, I've enjoyed their talents & music without a 2nd thought of their preference/orientation. So how are they unaccepted. People will like or dislike other artists for whatever reasons. Some of these individulas had several reasons depending upon another's lack of tolerance, I mean black & gay in some cases during the era they were in. Odd though, they seemed to have overcome all that racism & hatred to be successful ? Kinda puts a big hole in the theory they weren't accepted ?  So maybe there's hope for the human race after all ? It's not a bad as any media article portrqays it ? A few bad apples always ruins it for others ?

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