Frank Ocean Is Gay: A Ten-Point History of Coming Out in Music, From Bowie to Lance Bass

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Queen Latifah
She's been a female hip-hop icon since the early '90s, but she hasn't been a gay activist for very long.

The rumor of Queen Latifah's sexuality first heated up with her return to music in 2008, when the title of her comeback album was rumored to be The 'L' Word. She said she did it to mess with people's heads, and she did it again this year when she performed at the Gay Pride 2012 parade in Long Beach.

Since that show in March, Latifah's denied actually being a lesbian. If she really is hiding her true identity, we think she should take a page out of Lance Bass's book and be straight-up about being queer.

Frank Ocean
And finally, here is that most modern of men, who came out a couple nights ago with a poetic Tumblr post. He admits to having fallen in love for the first time when he was 19 with another man, who wasn't so comfortable accepting his feelings.

In the blog, Ocean talks about how he's finally overcome his insecurities and become ready to announce his true self to the world. Because, in the end, it doesn't matter who the love song is about, who it's sung to, or who's singing it. Love only matters when it's real, and when it's real, you just know.

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I like that David "50" later hold one for me "no problemay" lol!


 It's not a bad as any media article portrqays it ? A few bad apples always ruins it for others ?

Jim Camp
Jim Camp

Wow, virtually everyone of these gay & lesbian artists, I've enjoyed their talents & music without a 2nd thought of their preference/orientation. So how are they unaccepted. People will like or dislike other artists for whatever reasons. Some of these individulas had several reasons depending upon another's lack of tolerance, I mean black & gay in some cases during the era they were in. Odd though, they seemed to have overcome all that racism & hatred to be successful ? Kinda puts a big hole in the theory they weren't accepted ?  So maybe there's hope for the human race after all ? It's not a bad as any media article portrqays it ? A few bad apples always ruins it for others ?

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