Enrique Iglesias, Flo Rida, Maroon 5 at iHeartRadio's Ultimate Pool Party at Fontainebleau Miami Beach, June 30

Photo by George Martinez
Flo Rida stripping down for the crowd.
See the full 80-photo slideshow from the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party at Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

iHeartRadio Bleau Live Ultimate Pool Party
A "special appearance" from Enrique Iglesias
With performances by Flo Rida, Maroon 5, and Gym Class Heroes
Fontainebleau Miami Beach
Saturday, June 30, 2012

Better Than: A naked Flo Rida.

Until Saturday evening, we weren't 100-percent sure that iHeartRadio peeps were all about it.

Sure, we listen to them at work in lieu of our annoying officemate. We also know that they play some pretty sweet jams for free. And when it comes to throwing a concert, they snag the biggest names in town.

What we didn't know was that when they put on a show, those kids put on a mother f***ing show.

Photo by George Martinez

During the day, guests got to enjoy hosting from Y100's Michael Yo and a DJ set from Calvin Harris. Did we mention Absolut cocktails were free till 10 p.m.? That explains why there were so many wasted white girls.

At most concerts, upon arrival, your time is spent snagging up a beer and finding your seat. Not here. Yes, you might have a grabbed a drink (or 12), but finding your seat was finding the perfect spot on the Fontainebleau's pool deck, which had sudddenly turned into a totally amazing dance floor.

Photo by George Martinez

If you've ever been to the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, you know the place's pool is pretty epic. Well, now imagine it with a gigantic stage and two HD jumbotrons. It was like the new improved Mansion, but outside. Or Ultra, but poolside.

First to take the stage was Enrique Iglesias. No, he didn't perform. He was "the host" along with every DJ you listen to on Y100. Why he didn't sing is a little beyond us. And honestly, we were disappointed. (Note: We got to meet him backstage and he is literally the nicest and hottest person alive.) No one was more disappointed than the gaggle of abuelitas behind us that had driven "all the way from Kendall" to see him. We hope they made the long journey home safe.

Photo by George Martinez

Next was Gym Class Heroes. If you've ever seen them live, they aren't an act that's going to shock you. They put on awesome show, blah blah blah. But they did bring some A-list friends along.

For "Ass Back Home," songstress Neon Hitch hit the stage looking like an Indian Princess circa 2099. Meanwhile, her duet buddy Travie McCoy looked like a hipster explorer. For "Stereo Hearts," they brought Adam Levine on to belt out his parts. Any woman will tell you: The more Levine, the better. We got to see his luscious body on stage not once, but twice. Still not enough if you ask us.

Photo by George Martinez

The crowd was chattering, trying to settle a few questions: Who would be performing next? Who is more popular, Maroon 5 or Flo Rida? Would iHeartRadio give the hometown boy the headliner slot?

Well, turned out, Levine and his bandmates took the stage second. Being that Maroon 5 has been around for almost a decade, their setlist was a greatest hits of sorts. They kept it modern with "Payphone," though Whiz Khalifa sadly wasn't there to join them. Then, they went old school with "This Love" and we quickly learned he really does have moves like Jagger.

Unfortunately, Adam didn't take off his shirt, which disappointed a good 50 percent of the crowd.

Photo by George Martinez

Then it was time for Flo Rida. Maybe it's because we've lived in Miami for a long time. But we were a tad surprised seeing him close out the show. Quickly, though, we learned why this man was chosen.

Even if you aren't a fan of shaking your hips, Flo got that booty bouncing. At one point, we were honestly afraid the stage was going to crumble under the insanely dancing crowd. Especially all those wasted white girls who'd had too many free cocktails.

Along with a couple of hype men and his singer Sia, we see what "Club Can't Handle Me" is all about. So much jumping, sweating, crowdsurfing, and pure musical madness in a five song set ... No one left looking cute, but we were all totally satisfied.

Photo by George Martinez

Critics Notebook

Show Highlight: While Adam Levine might have let us down in the shirt department, Flo Rida showed off that jacked-up body all night long. Well, he really had no choice after his shirt got soaked from performing two entire songs in the pool.

Final Thought: I really do heart iHeartRadio. God, we hope this happens again. But hey Enrique, give us some "I Like It" next time, OK?

Gym Class Heroes' Setlist:
-"The Fighter"
-"Stereo Hearts" featuring Adam Levine
-"Ass Back Home" featuring Neon Hitch

Maroon 5's Setlist:
-"Moves Like Jagger"
-"Not Coming Home"
-"This Love"

Flo Rida's Setlist:
-"Club Can't Handle Me"
-"Good Feeling"
-"Wild Ones"
-"Right Round"

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Fontainebleau Miami Beach

4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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this would be the most amazing pool party ever!! i would love to be chosen to get to party all night with the stars, not to mention you're in miami fl, fb is beautiful ive been to miami once and missed out on a lot :( so if i could win this trip to the ultimate pool party i would just go wild and party it up all day and night. :) : melissa

Foster Hagey
Foster Hagey

Flo Rida is a M0Th3RF*¢k1NG  PRO.  He climbed off the stage. Rode on his security guard's shoulders into the pool, and then somehow got back through the crowd to make the dubbed-out breakdown dance sequence.  M0Th3RF*¢k1NG PRO... Loved it.  thanks Flo!

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