Nicki Minaj's Top Seven NSFW Moments

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In the summer of 2010, Nicki Minaj told Interview Magazine that, from the beginning, she was thinking like a role model.

"I made a conscious decision to try to tone down the sexiness," she said. "I want people -- especially young girls -- to know that in life, nothing is going to be based on sex appeal. You've got to have something else to go with that."

Thankfully, Ms. Minaj was entirely full of shit and she hasn't stopped shoving that ass in our face for a single minute.

Tonight, Nicki will be shaking her badonk in scanty costumes all over the stage at the James L. Knight Center. And so, we here at Crossfade give you our favorite moments of totally NSFW Minajery.

7. Stupid Hoe Got Banned From BET
About a year and a half after claiming to have pulled back on the sexy for the sake of little girls everywhere, Ms. Minaj got her ass slapped off television for being a visual slut. The entire network of BET said, "No thanks," to her "Stupid Hoe" video, directed by Hype Williams. The message we imagine seven year olds get from this clip ... Make sure your ass if bigger than the other girls', and you'll be fine.

6. That Bitch Be Pissin' and Poopin' on Everyone
The bulk of Minaj's wordplay focuses on how much she owns all the other female rappers, of which there are pretty much none currently making notable tracks. However, she takes a slightly childish route with her songsmithery, talking about peein' and doo-dooin' on the other girls' heads. Why all the piss and poop play, Nicki?

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