Teepee Explains His Two-Year Disappearance, Eats Ten Bananas for Breakfast Everyday

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Two years ago, Teepee mastermind Erix S. Laurent was poised for a breakthrough. He took his critically acclaimed 2009 LP, Morals, on a national tour while aslo being heralded back home as a true Miami original.

Laurent had been renowned for his intense solo performances. He'd sing, play guitar, control a drum machine, and clamp down keyboard notes with saxophone reed holders. But then, just when more ears were tuned his way than ever, Teepee disappeared.

A pillar holding up the weird end of the Miami music scene, his absence made for a very noticable void.

Now, however, Teepee is releasing an excellent new dream-pop single, "Time Meant Nothing." The flip side of the single, "Let's Go All the Way" refines his drone-rock into a fuzzy knockout that might even get you dancing.

Last week, Crossfade sat down with Laurent to find out where he'd been, the recording of his new album (out in November), and what it's like to be back.

Where he's been for two years:
"Music is all I do. All I was doing is music. I would go home from the studio and go on the computer a little and eat and all that stuff. There was some traveling here and there. Not on purpose at first, but I ended up staying away from the scene until I became completely separate from it.

"I wanted to focus what I could put on tape. Going out is too distracting, especially here in Miami. I had to wake up early and eat well.

"I came to a weird regimen. I'd wake up around seven and then meditate. I'd plan out what my day was going to be in the studio and manifest it. I'd be in the studio all day with my producer. His name is Albert Ovadia and he's very meticulous about everything. The equalizers and making sure all the frequencies are right. He and I are perfectionists, and that's why it took so long. We had the sound and vision in mind and it took as long as it did."

The other hours of the day:
"Outside of the studio, I was with my girlfriend at the time. I was spending time with her. I was trying to develop myself as a person. Trying to get my health right, my fitness.

"That led to me becoming a fruitarian. I pretty much became a raw vegan, focused more on health and family. Just getting to know my family. Before, I was always out playing music and coming home late. You don't see your family until I don't know when, and then you realized you've missed out on them.

"I grew by abstaining. I see it everywhere. An example: when you travel and you're in a relationship. You travel and by not being with her, you tend to grow more for her, you can have more love for her because of it.

"That abstain to regain happens. The Buddha escaped from society, had his revelation, and then came back and did his thing. By removing myself, I was able to grow."

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John SomeJerk
John SomeJerk

"I wanted to focus what I could put on tape. Going out is too distracting, especially here in Miami. I had to wake up early and eat well."

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