The Revivalists Talk Partying in Key West, Piña Coladas on South Beach, and Pissing on Jellyfish

Heartbeat got no rhythm? Drop dead when you don't dance? Need a musical defibrillator? The Revivalists can bring you back to life with radio-friendly rock.

These six New Orleans dudes are fresh from playing at the Green Parrot in Key West, and they're catching some rays on South Beach before this Friday's show at The Stage alongside Bachaco.

We caught up with the band to talk about playing down south, piña coladas, and pissing on jellyfish. Here's what singer David Shaw had to say.

Crossfade: Wasup, where are you all at right now?
David Shaw: We're sitting here on South Beach. We're right in front of the Caribbean. It's like a high rise. The water's beautiful. The sand's beautiful. We're having a good time getting ready.

When did you get into town?
Yesterday night.

Were you doing something in the Keys before this?
We played at the Green Parrot this past weekend. It was a good time. The crowd participation was out of this world. It was wild. The energy was high. That's our third time in the Keys.

What brings you to Key West when most bands give up halfway through the State of Florida?
Key West isn't such a bad place to visit, and they play us on the radio regularly on 104.9 The X in Key West. So it's like madness when we get there.

First time in Miami?
This is our second time in Miami. We played a small club, Jazid, a couple months ago. That was cool. There's six of us, and it was hard to fit us all on the stage.

You're a New Orleans band. What you think about Eyehategod?
Uh, nah, we don't know anything about them. They might actually practice in the same facility as us. But...

Are you all from New Orleans?
We're all kinda transplants for school or the music scene. But the band rose up out of New Orleans. The band is from New Orleans.

How'd you end up at The Stage?
Somebody saw us. The owner saw us at the Green Parrot the first time we came down and he was enamored with the performance. He bought our CD and t-shirts, contacted our booking agent, and invited us to come down and play. He's definitely a cool dude and we're excited to play the venue.

You're gonna be opening some shows for Govt Mule. How did that come about?
Somebody on their management side heard a disc and loved it. They were able to make a few calls. And before we know it, we're opening four shows in Cali and Reno. So we're ecstatic. That's for sure.

We don't have a rock station in Miami. Would you be able to call your music adult contemporary?
Absolutely. We're trying to get on the radio any chance we get. We could roll with a station that plays that.

How do you describe your sound?
We really try to mix it up. It's rock 'n' roll with soul. Not tryin' to sound like anybody. Earnest, honest songwriting from the heart. We're all kind of following our passion. So whatever that is, that's what it is.

What are you drinking while you're out here?
Water and pina coladas. I've been to Primo's, it's just a little market deli and it's really good. The ladies are great. I'm gonna eat some fettuccine on South Beach while I'm starin' at the ocean. Maybe get it delivered to my seat. I don't know. The girls are awesome.

If you got stung my a jellyfish would you let somebody piss on you to alleviate the pain?
Only if it was my girlfriend. But probably not.

The Revivalists. With Bachaco. Friday, July 27. The Stage, 170 NE 38th St., Miami. The show starts at 10 p.m. and cover costs $10. Ages 21 and up. Call 305-576-9577 or visit

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