50 Best Miami Bands of All Time: From 35 to 31

Photo by Daniel Sannwald
Just like Afrobeta's Cuci Amador and Tony Smurphio, we here at Crossfade wanna know ... Do you party?

For the last 72 hours, we've been shakin' ass (and sometimes Scraping Teeth) while snorting skinny lines of pure white SoBe sand off scratched-up slabs by some of our favorite local music crews ever. Like Miami Bass Warriors, Avenue D, and Ricky Rozay's Triple C's.

And today the binge continues ... Just check the cut for numbers 35 to 31 in Crossfade's 50 Best Miami Bands of All Time.

35. Quit
These pop-punks had the late '90s sound down since 1988. A mix of buzzsaw guitars and powerful melodies made them one of the most popular and beloved bands at Washington Square and Churchill's Pub. And besides breaking up (then reuniting) every other year from 1995 to 2006, Quit kicked ass for two decades.

If you heard these guys before Green Day, Blink 182, NOFX, Pennywise, or any other band on Epitaph, Fat Wreck, or Lookout, you would've sworn all those famous Cali outfits were ripping off Quit. It's hard to say why they aren't as big as their outside-of-Florida contemporaries. They had the hooks, they were handsome. But they were six years ahead of their time and too far from SoCal. And maybe their pitch-perfect pop-punk was just a little too sweet for the end of the hair metal era and the dawning of grunge. -- Jose Flores

34. Young and Restless
Assembled by the late Sam "P-Man" Ferguson of Triple M DJs/Worse Em Crew fame, youthful duo Charles "Dr. Ace" Trahan and Leonerist "Prince P" Johnson" (who would later become the first artist signed to Poe Boy Entertainment, under the name The P.O.D.) offered a decidedly PG-13 alternative to the X-rated Miami bass sound during the genre's early 1990s heyday. Young and Restless had a handful of regional hits during its run, including a cover of The Coasters' R&B classic "Poison Ivy," but 1990's "B Girls" was the pair's masterpiece, a hilarious send-up of gold-digging groupies only after "Broncos, Benz, BMWs, bass, bangles, and a pair of bars," all set to a beat that sounded like what Rick Rubin might have come up with after a night at Pac-Jam. -- Jesse Serwer

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Only one band from the '60s so far?     If this is truly an all-time list, we need to see the Montells and Evil on here, and that's just the beginning!


some old school bands that I'd put in the top 30:

The Mavericks, Marilyn Manson, Forget the Name, Muse, Coral Gables.

JoseDuran moderator communitymanager

 @ghost Marilyn Manson was based out of Broward ... so technically doesn't qualify.

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