50 Best Miami Bands of All Time: From 45 to 41

The always edible Avenue D.
Yesterday, we here at Crossfade went bangin' on the beach with Miami Bass Warriors and even enjoyed some bathroom fellatio with Rat Bastard's Scraping Teeth.

But that was just the beginning of our weird and wild ten-day trip through the MIA's long and varied musical history.

For today's edition of the Best Miami Bands of All Time, we'll be hanging out with romantic gypsy rock 'n' rollers, dudes with hooks and looks, a gang of Locos, a cult metal crew from Coral Gables, and chicks in hot-dog skirts.

Just check the cut for numbers 45 to 41.

45. Nuclear Valdez
When this quintet hit the mainstream, it was notable on two levels. First, it was Miami's only entry into the late-'80s/early-'90s romantic gypsy rock 'n' roll scene. Second, Nuclear Valdez was likely the first band featuring a completely Hispanic lineup to enjoy its own MTV Unplugged session in English. And as thanks to hometown fans, the Valdez dudes immortalized their slice of the local scene in the video for breakout hit "Summer," shot in part at Churchill's Pub. -- Arielle Castillo

44. The Goods
The Goods seemed to have it all. Hooks, looks, talent, tenacity, and supercatchy melodies. Frontman Jim Camacho and crew even got inked to a national label. But burned by the biz, their fortunes eventually floundered. Nevertheless, they left behind several outstanding albums, including Mint, 5 Steps to Getting Signed, and the sadly ironic Good Things Are Coming. Individually, its members still soldier on, offering belated reminders of the greatness that The Goods possessed. -- Lee Zimmerman

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Very interesting list so far. I'm a little shocked by LPJ and Nuclear Valdez, but not really. It seems that the pool of critics who assembled this list have come to realize some truths; that Miami has indeed a lengthy history of rock music, but of not very good rock music. Sure people liked Nuclear Valdez, they had a video on MTV but they were lame. The Goods are eh, Avenue D were okay...LPJ are talented but unoriginal. I really like Iko-Iko at the near-bottom of the list. They are legends cause they play so often, but their brand of blues gives me hives. This list can only get better and I'm looking forward to seeing who makes it and who doesn't make it in the Top 50.


@DJHottpants how was the movie?!? #PitchPerfect


Arboles Libres?

Robert Elias & The Revenge?

Jacuzzi Boys?



 @ncc-1138 - Completely agree. Nuclear Valdez and the Goods were sorry excuses for bands playing wishy washy mainstream pseudo alternative rock that had no originality or identity. They had connections and management so they got the good shows and got written about in the local press while a lot of other really talented Miami bands never saw the light of day such as Hugo Miranda's Secret October and Snatch the Pebble. Reading this list makes me glad I moved away from Miami a decade ago.



 Yikes, Really ncc-1138,  Nuclear Valdez.....lame?! Cut me heart out with a spoon! I feel that they were/are still one of the MOST talented group of musicians that I've ever experienced live & still enjoy the recorded tracks as relevent today as I did when I first heard them in 1987! Iko-Iko.... are legends. I'm happy that they are still producing new music & performing! <3



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