Fashion Freakouts at Identity Festival 2012 in Miami

See also Crossfade's concert review of Identity Festival 2012 in Miami.

We're getting used to ravers dressed like candy-coated, rainbow-drenched, half-naked furries.

Still, the crowd at Bayfront Park's Klipsch Amphitheater for Identity Festival really upped the ante.

While some stuck to the old rave faves, some brazen girls and guys wore their drugs on their sleeve and their sex drives on their faces. We saw more kandi-clogged arms than ever, and certain special ladies rocked strategically-placed rhinestones.

So feast your eyes ... These are Crossfade's Fashion Freakouts at Identity Festival 2012 in Miami.


At first glance, this girl seems dressed a bit cray. Short shorts, blue wig, and lightning-bolt earrings, all paired with way too much fishnet for our post-Hot Topic society? But as you'll soon see, she's quite demure for this occasion. Yay, wig ladies!


Of course, the best thing to do is keep the sexy simple and rep your city. This is Miami! We da best! Vice and bright blue hot pants is what we do! But is it just us? Or is this girl smuggling something bizarre in her crotch area?

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Bayfront Park

301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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The last girl with all the kandi is Molly Casa, miamis queen raver. shes also the one who had the body paint for kaskade.

Christopher Ally
Christopher Ally

Techno Mutant Ninja Turtles had an Epic Time at Identity Festival Miami . . . . Kowabunjaaaa Dudes !!! TMNT @ ID

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

didnt go this year, lets see next year if the lineup is better and gets more exposure

Diana Shapiro
Diana Shapiro

Is that shape wear covered by my daughters favorite things and candy? Who over said give this girl a hug from daddy was certainly right.

Julian Cruz
Julian Cruz

Actually Richard, its called Tongue-in-cheek

Richard Larralde
Richard Larralde

your writers have no problem exploiting the music scene and the drugs that come with it...yikes..way to go on the sounds like a rant from a jealous loser that cant ever have this much fun.

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