Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson! The Five Worst Posthumous Insults to MJ's Memory

Poor little Michael Jackson.

He was a weirdo. But on his 54th birthday, we ask ourselves, "Was the King of Pop ever really happy?"

Maybe when he was dancing. Or hugging loyal fans. Or riding his totally awesome ferris wheel. But we can almost guarantee he wouldn't be happy with the way we've all treated his memory.

Posthumously, there's been lame misuses of his music, totally creepy cash-ins, and even nasty beefs over the dead man's estate.

Here are Crossfade's five worst insults to MJ's memory.

Afrojack and Pitbull Shit on "Bad"
For the 25th anniversary of Jackson's totally monumental album Bad, Pitbull and Afrojack decided to wipe their asses with the title track. Because what this timeless classic needed was a crappy verse from Mr. Worldwide and an even crappier 2012 EDM backbeat. Please, spare us your buffoonery, record labels.


Auctioning Jackson's Death Bed
In November 2011,the unthinkable happened as the contents of Jackson's home were sold to the highest bidder. Who wants to buy the bed a beloved idol died on? That has literally nothing to do with his legacy and everything to do with your sick money-grubbing, fame-obsessed malfunction.

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Jackson Family Feud this one isn't true at all Janet DID NOT SLAP PARIS

That Autopsy pic is just dis respectable, do you people ever think about his children, that btw are still alive???

Paris slit her wrist because if partly due to this crap.

Have some respect for the kids and his Elderly mother 


I know this comment won't get published. So I'm talking to you. If you wrote this article, I'm embarrassed for you and disappointed in you. If you're a intern or some poorly-paid bottom-of-the-rung comment moderator, stand up for something. Your talents are wasted here. Find a way to put something good in this world. 

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