Party With Peaches, Titties, Bunnies, and These Three Other South Beach Freaks

Photo by Lex Hernandez
Peaches! And titties!
See also Crossfade's review of Peaches at Grand Central in September 2011 -- plus the full 30-photo slideshow.

Hold on to your tits, kids. 'Cause Peaches is coming to town.

Yes, the world's nastiest electroclash sex god will be whipping out her chick dick and cumming all over the crowd at Mansion on Friday, October 12. It's gonna be hot, messy, and weird, because everything Peaches does is bizarrely beautiful.

Something tells us the crowd at the fancy-pants club will be slightly different than usual. See, Peaches has a way of bringing out the freak in everyone. So here are some of the awesome weirdos you can expect to see.


Hip Gays and Their Girlfriends
It's going to be a regular sassy fest on the dance floor. Remember, girls ... You can tell the gays and straights apart by their shoes. If he's dressed nicely and he's wearing sneakers, you're good to go.

Peaches and Crazy Bitches.jpg

Crazy Bitches
Fellas, be careful who you take home. They might look hot in their tight black ensemble. But if they're at a Peaches show, there's a high likelihood they're crazy. Maybe in a good way. Or maybe in a bad way. So just ask yourself ... Does she exude the fierceness of a rabid dog? Back away slowly. And let her keep the drink.

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1235 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

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