RNC 2012: Five Hottest Parties, From Kid Rock to Sarah Palin's Porn Doppelganger!

Via littlefacemitt.tumblr.com
Little Face Mitt is a freaking party animal.
See also "Ten Most Musical Politicians Ever: Barry Obama, Mitt the Mormon Honky, and Others!" and "DEVO's New Song About Mitt Romney's Dog-on-Roof Incident."

There is an old conservative adage that goes something like, "There ain't no party like a right-wing party, 'cause a right-wing party don't stop."

Party in this instance does not refer to a political caucus. But, in fact, an actual leisure-time celebration, complete with porn stars, music legends, and a Southern-rock themed nü-metal MC who may or may not have given/contracted Hepatitus to/from Pamela Anderson.

In an election year, there's no bigger party than the mass gathering of illuminati millionaires and self-defeating poor people than the Republican National Convention.

Just check the cut for Crossfade's five hottest parties at the 2012 edition of the GOP's Super Bowl.

5. Three Doors Down on the RNC Main Stage
At the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, the MC5 kicked out the jams while hippies, radicals, and student activists -- revved up by their passion for Civil Rights and ending the Vietnam War -- brawled in the streets with riot cops. At the 2012 Republican National Convention, a sausage-faced opponent of gay marriage will purchase an extra large order of nacho freedom fries, and spill Cheez Whiz all over his foam "Paul Ryan #1" hand, while Three Doors Down plays "Kryptonite." Compare, contrast, and draw your own conclusions.

4. Lynyrd Skynyrd Serenades Ann the Mormon Honky
Although the Southern rock legends had an RNC appearance canceled yesterday due to Tropical Storm Isaac, Lynyrd Skynyrd are still scheduled to pay tribute to Mitt the Mormon Honky's beloved wife, Ann Romney, with the title track from their latest album, "Last of a Dyin' Breed." The band will also be performing the Republican National Convention's theme song: "Sweet Home Alabama."

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