Rick Ross, Big-Booty Strippers, and 3,000 Ballers at King of Diamonds in Miami (NSFW)

RR KOD dudes behind the scenes.jpg
Photo by Jacob Katel

These are the folks that brought Rick Ross to KOD. From right to left are LT and Dave from TruStory Entertainment, and Alex from Playlist Promotions. That's hostess Honeys Money on the far left.

No idea what LT's got in his backpack. Maybe an iced-out Trapper Keeper and Capri Sun pouch? The dude's toilet paper is probably encrusted in diamonds.

RR KOD blurry ass.jpg
Photo by Jacob Katel

OK, back to asses. The only downside to staring at this many asses is that you run the risk of vision problems. Stare at too many and they might go all blurry on you. And if that happens, it will seriously get in the way of staring at more asses. You can't have a pit bull in Miami-Dade. But no one is putting a warning label on these things?

RR KOD ass at the bar.jpg
Photo by Jacob Katel

Later on, in between "Ima Boss" and "BMF," Rick Ross said: "I want to make this motherfuckin' clear for all you young niggas who make money, the entrepreneurs in the game. Nothing I want to see more than young niggas unite, and make money. To take over and keep it. Ain't no hate in Dade County. We been waiting too long to get crumbs."

In that spirit of unity, after seeing this young woman make it all the way to the bar to buy a Diet Coke only to realize that she left her wallet at home, we happily loaned her a dollar.

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King of Diamonds

17800 NE 5th Ave., Miami, FL

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Carla Rodriguez
Carla Rodriguez

Paul Schneider, Bill McClain, Joe Browning, here's some free entertainment from Mr. Idiot!

Kzm Ufc
Kzm Ufc

Like a fucking who's-who in Cheezy World.

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