Rick Ross, Big-Booty Strippers, and 3,000 Ballers at King of Diamonds in Miami (NSFW)

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Photo by Jacob Katel

Before Ross took the stage, TruStory recording artist Young Scrilla did a set. He had a full light show and really hot backup dancers. Scrilla's a local boy made good, who's been grinding through the South Florida rap scene for years. He's got two big singles getting airplay, "AC Slater" and "Numbers Don't Lie" featuring Future. They're out in advance of the mixtape he'll be releasing later this month.

We know Rick Ross watched Scrilla's set from his VIP balcony. So it seems he was talking about Scrilla when he said, "I hear a lot of good shit coming out of the streets and I'm coming for you." Later, Scrilla told us that Ross said his show was "great." We say it was "really great." So there, Rick Ross.

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Photo by Jacob Katel

Can I get a Rozaaaaaay? Sure, here's one. It's the Bawse! In this photo, he counts the exact number of seconds we were allowed in his VIP section before getting tossed out. It felt like we were there for longer, but he's the one who's got eight different Rollies and they all mint condition. We just use the clock on our Metro PCS flip phone.

By the way, does Ross have the name of his favorite Warwick Davis fantasy movie, Willow, tattooed on his right forearm? We don't think he's got any songs about throwing acorns at people, but we still haven't heard all his tracks off the new DJ Khaled album.

RR KOD ross surprised.jpg
Photo by Jacob Katel

As Ross performed, the dancers stayed spinning 'round the poles. Some of them did shocking things which we dare not describe, given that this is a family-oriented NSFW blog post. But suffice to say, even Rozay saw some things that he'd thought were impossible before last night.

Ross had DJ Khaled and Omarion on stage with him, as well as a ton of dudes in #GFID shirts. It was a pretty high-energy set, best measured not in songs but the number of face towels Ross used to wipe his Bawse-ly brow. We counted seven. Although, he also disappeared from the stage for about a minute and could have used many more towels in that time.

Even so, here was Rozay's setlist:

-"Hold Me Back"
-"Ima Boss"
-"Yella Diamonds"
-"So Sophisticated"
-"Ice Cold" (feat. Omarion)
-"Take It to the Head" (feat. DJ Khaled)
-"I Wish You Would" (feat. DJ Khaled)
-"All Birds"
-"Bag of Money"
-"King of Diamonds"
-"Holy Ghost"
-"Rich Forever"
-"9 Piece"
-"Fuck Em"
-"John Doe"
-"Shot Caller"
-"I'm On One"
-"I'm Not a Star"
-"Hold Me Back" (for a second time)

RR KOD crowd shot.jpg
Photo by Jacob Katel
One last note: We're always trying to stay ahead of trends for you. And it looks like Ross is declaring the days of "making it rain" to be over. While any slob who brings enough Mr. Pibbs cans back for the deposit can cause a drizzle, true Bawses are doing something different.

Ross would stand over the dancers while holding a thick stack of bills. Then he'd calmly push his thumb across the top until one bill at a time would flutter down upon the roiling sea of naked asses below him.

It was more like a steady drip than a full-on rainstorm. But being an all-around Bawse means being a Bawse of geology, too. And Ross undoubtedly knows that the unique majesty of the Grand Canyon was not created by downpour, but slow steady erosion.

True ballers don't make it rain. True ballers terraform.

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