Rick Ross's God Forgives Tops Billboard 200, Outsells Bieber, Zac Brown, Others Combined

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Artist: Justin Bieber
Album: Believe
Units Sold: 35,000

Young homie can get away with poking fun at Prince William's balding head. But he wouldn't pull that shit around the Bawse.

Artist: Zac Brown Band
Album: Uncaged
Units Sold: 39,000

We're assuming that when he got word about God Forgives, I Don't beating out Zac Brown Band's Uncaged, Rozay took a long drag from his blunt before coughing, "Who's Zac Brown?"

Congratulations, Bawse.

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Zip Per
Zip Per

hands down the best corrections officer in the game today or ever for that matter .. lol ..

Nig Suffront
Nig Suffront

Yea becuz the billboards represent actual "artist" ha I think not. Wat a waste of an article.

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