Seven Least Punk Rock Moments in Punk Rock History

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Punk rock is more than just a genre of music. It's an attitude, a lifestyle, a way of carrying oneself in the face of life's silly bullshit and tired assholes.

But if we can define what punk is, then we can define what punk isn't. And there's no sacred genre that's been more bastardized to hell and used for all the wrong reasons than poor old punk rock.

Punk is not a crime. But it's also not a marketing ploy to sell overpriced jeans, boring cars, or aspiring pop stars. However, all that's just the tip of the ice-berg in our list of least punk rock moments ever.

7. CBGB's Becomes a Boutique for Expensive Leather Jackets and Jeans
Since 1973, CBGB's was a mecca, a veritable headquarters for New York City's punk rock scene. It gave struggling, up-and-coming bands a place to showcase their messy, fast-paced jams. It was dirty, grimy and smelled like cigarettes, and it became as much an icon as the artists that hit its stage.

But when it could no longer pay the bills in 2005, CBGB's got scooped up and turned into an expensive fashion boutique, selling punk-rock jeans for the not-very-punk-rock price of $200. The new owner kept the iconography of the building intact. But was it the look of the place that really mattered?

6. "Good Riddance" Soundtracks Every Graduation and TV Show Finale Ever
When Green Day's megahit "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" was released, it became the biggest sappy song of the '90s. The pop-punk forefathers seemed to strike a deep chord within us all. But then the song was beaten to death, making appearances in television finales, awkward high school prom dances, and graduation ceremonies for the rest of forever. It's not punk rock to sit around and sob about the end of a personal era.

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#8. When Millions Of Dead Cops (MDC) changed their name to Multi Death Corporation to be less offensive.  I still snicker every time a car drives by with a sticker that says "I am MDC"

Ron Bronson
Ron Bronson

Punk was always about fashion & chicks

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