Top Ten Musical Makeover Stunts: From Miley Cyrus to Justin Bieber and Micheal Jackson

Miley! The Makeover Stunt.
See also "Miley Cyrus to Tyler The Creator: "My 'Barber' Couldn't Even Come Close to the F#$% Job That Is Your Face."

So much of today's music industry is image. But what happens when a pop star totally hates the way that she's been played out by her PR people?

She takes matters into your own hands. She makes the kind of fashion-forward, control-taking maneuver that horrifies her record label and confuses everyone around her. She also gets a lot of exciting attention.

Sometimes, it works out. And sometimes, it goes horribly wrong. Just take a look at Crossfade's top ten attention-stunt musical makeovers.


Miley Cyrus
Poor little Miley has got it bad. She's well into her 19th year, but everyone still sees her as that sweet little girl on the Disney show. Well, except for all that business about the salvia, side boob, and penis cake. But that's just in good fun, right? Apparently not. It seems Miley is one edgy motherfucker. Maybe her new coif will win over some illustrious cool-kid fans. But probably not.


Justin Bieber
Speaking of child stars breaking away from their nicey, goody image, this Canadian boy wonder is a concealed weapons permit away from being the hardest northern export since Drake. He's no longer just Justin Bieber. Rapper 2 Chainz named him "Lil Swaggy," and he seems to take the nickname seriously. Just don't bring your guns to the airport, Biebz. That never ends well.

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You Couldv'e Put Chris Brown In It, That's A Good One!

Kate Snack
Kate Snack

Hannah Montana's haircut doesn't bother me at all.

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