The Real J.Lo: A Diva? A Mom? A Millionaire? A Look-Alike From Miami?

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Who is the real Jennifer Lopez?

Well, earlier this month, the Australian edition of 60 Minutes praised the entertainer's seemingly grounded, surprisingly un-diva-like demeanor during a recent interview.

"I'd expected to sit down with a prima donna," reporter Allison Langdon said during the segment. "But the 43 year old is warm and engaging."

The television news magazine correspondent also enthusiastically marveled at Lopez's striking beauty, complementing the singer's full-bodied hair, "flawless" skin, and all-around glamor. Like most who meet J.Lo, the reporter was refreshingly awestruck, even giddy at times to be speaking with an incredibly levelheaded superstar.

Our experience with Lopez, however, was far different. And by different, we mean non-existent.

Crossfade's interview request was denied, suggesting that Jenny from the Block suddenly became exhausted with being so "warm and engaging" just before the undisclosed, would-be date of our conference call with her.

In the end, we wasted upwards of 39 research hours, the bulk of which took place while snuggled beneath a fleece blanket as we nursed a fever likely induced by J.Lo overload.

Speaking of which, did you know that Jennifer Lopez had to give her four-year-old twins a stern "mom look" before a recent concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles? You would if you'd gotten lost on the Internet with us and stumbled upon New Delhi Television.

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Why are magazine and TV reporters wasting money and time trying to get an interview with Jlo? She already old news since she gotten fired from Idol, her  career is history,  she has no big major contracts in music or movies industry, her concert tour is a complete flop, with 2 concerts already canceled because of poor tickets sales, explain to me how are you going to be successful in a concert tour when you can't  sell music, come on she been in the industry for more than 20 years and she still hasn't received any major music awards like the Grammy's, or the Music Awards or any other music awards that take place each year, in a couple of months from now you won’t remember her name, its happen plenty of times before, please move on.


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