The 20 Richest Rappers: From Pitbull to Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Kanye, Jay-Z, and Dre Day

19. Mac Miller: $6.5 million
This dude isn't even old enough to do a beer bong, but he's making mad moves on the charts and on the social ladder. He's already got an endorsement with Mountain Dew, wtf?

16. Young Jeezy: $7 million, tie
Riding on more than 500,000 sold copies of his latest album, tours and a clothing line, this chart-topper is working hard to carve himself a spot on the list. Plus, Obama's got his back.

16. Pharrell Williams: $7 million, tie
Before Lil Wayne was rockin' skinnies and holding it down for the suburbs, Pharrell was lil skateboard P. The Neptunes man debuted Qream liqueur this year, because that's obviously trending in the rap world, and he continues to push his urban luxury line Billionaire Boys Club.

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