Chris Brown's Rihanna Neck Tattoo and the Six Most Ratchet Rapper Tats Ever

Chris Brown New Tattoo.jpg
When you really love someone, you tattoo their face on your neck to prove it.

But when you've been in the news for beating up your beloved and everyone judges you for being a dick, then you get a tat that sort of looks like them and deny the resemblance.

That's what Chris Breezy did. Look at him now ... He's got a bizarrely Rihanna-esque lady face inked below his right ear.

Now, we here at Crossfade aren't sure it's the face of his "true love." But we're absolutely sure it's ridiculous. Much like these six other ratchet rap tats.

chris brown rihanna neck tattoo.jpg
Chris Brown
This could go either way. Maybe it is Rihanna. Or maybe it's a standard pretty lady face. Just so happens that Rihanna is the standard pretty lady face. So all this confusion is understandable. Breezy should have just gotten some broad with a big nose. Or, he could have skipped the tat. You know, since it looks like shit.

Rick Ross Face Tattoos.jpg
Rick Ross
Endorsement deals are becoming a more and more ludicrous component of popular hip-hop. But The Bawse is taking shit to a whole 'nother level. Getting the Maybach logo tatted on his face makes sense 'cause he runs Maybach Music Group and all. But then he goes and gets the Cazal sunglasses logo. Whaaat? How much are they paying you Ross?

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And to think it all started with that pork chop Oprah had tattooed on her ass cheek.

Sean Isaac
Sean Isaac

didnt know chris brown was a rapper

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