Chris Brown's Rihanna Neck Tattoo and the Six Most Ratchet Rapper Tats Ever

Lil Wayne Fear God Face Tattoo.jpg
Lil Wayne
The YMCMB headmaster is covered in tats. Some of them stranger than the rest. But the weirdest has to be the "Fear God" ink on his eyelids. That has to hurt. A lot. Perhaps all the pain endured in that session is supposed to be penance for his worst sins. Like the terrible mixtape he just dropped.

Eminem Rot in Pieces Stomach Tattoo.jpg

Marshal Mathers loves to tell his ex-wife Kim to go fuck herself. And his lower torso is branded with special death wish, just for her. The lovely tat shows a tombstone bearing her name, encircled by the words, "Rot in Pieces." That must be some pretty sexy shit for all the new girls who go down south.

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And to think it all started with that pork chop Oprah had tattooed on her ass cheek.

Sean Isaac
Sean Isaac

didnt know chris brown was a rapper

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