Janet Jackson and Six Other Secret Celebrity Muslims

Muslim Janet Jackson.jpg
Just when you think you know someone, because they've literally grown up in the public eye, you find out that they're one of four wives to an Arab millionaire and a secret Muslim!

Well, that's what the National Enquirer is saying about Janet Jackson in its latest cover story. And you know the 'Quirer can't publish anything that isn't 100-percent verified.

So .. Which other celebrities are lying to us about their religious affiliations? Who's pulling an Obama?

We here at Crossfade did the Google image research to find out.

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muslim beyonce.jpg
Mrs. Z all but outed herself when she posted this picture of her beautiful face framed by a hijab on Facebook, in honor of the Islamic holiday of Ramadan. All that fasting really helps shed the baby weight. Is she secretly raising little Ivy Blue under the watchful eye of Allah? Jay has never come off as the religious type. But now we know the truth.

muslim kanye.jpg
Kanye West
That giant chain and the whole "Jesus Walks" thing is one hell of a diversion, but we're on to this fashionable phony. Word on the street, Mr. West is sneaking out of the studio to attend Nation of Islam meetings, no doubt about it. Just look at those harem pants. We know he's open to polygamy, because he's constantly rapping about it. This just proves everything.

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i think that it is a blessing for ms. jackson to have found the truth and light of the world.(new world) the hearafter, hear after the destruction of satin's world. To see her go from what she was made into, back to her original self is a very beautiful thing.APIDTA! HOW YOU LIKE THEM APPLES! 


And she doesn't HAVE to tell people anything! It's none of our business WHAT he religion is! We're all one!


This is the first blog I have EVER in my whole 40 years decided to respond to... Because it's sooooooo ignorant and stupid! First of all all bigotry aside, polygamy is forbidden in Islam. I'm not going to details, do your research. Everything in this blog is so DUMB. What a waste of time, get a real life! Write about something that will bring all religions together not separate them. That's why this world is in the mess because of ignorant people like yourself. Yack


@kaymovo hhhh plz i'm shine stop crizy i know this zoom cry


@kaymovo hhhh plz i'm shine stop crizy i know this zoom siz cry

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