Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias at American Airlines Arena in Miami, August 31

Photo by Sayre Berman
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Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias
American Airlines Arena, Miami
Friday, August 31, 2012

Last night, J.Lo and Enrique revealed a bunch of bizarre and fascinating things about themselves at American Airlines Arena.

Enrique puts on a spectacle of grand proportions while maintaining intimacy with the crowd and offering no props. This younger of the famous Iglesiases is a weird but typical breed of Miami man. He is (perhaps because of four years at FIU) a familiar form of bro. Eager for the crowd's approval and frustrated when not being worshipped by the arena of females, he enjoys being chummy, sucking down rum with complete strangers, and charming the pants off old ladies.

Now, J.Lo, she is basically a goddess.

She's tan, thick, healthy. She looks like someone's beautiful mom. Unlike most women in a butt-ton of makeup performing on the big stage in flashy Ice Capades ensembles, she never drifts into drag queen territory.

JLo 367.JPG
Photo by Sayre Berman

Back to Enrique ... He insisted again and again that we get our asses up out of our "fucking" chairs. Barely singing his most famous songs, he instead opted to encourage the mostly female crowd to worship at the altar of Iglesias by putting their hands in the air.

A full band and a few backup singers (a big Afro-wearing lady who cheesily slapped her own butt during a fake flamenco dance and a rapping dude in a fedora) picked up the slack. In fact, Afro lady sung the best part of "Bailamos." You know, at the end, when Enrique screams "Como te quiero!"

But the audience participation portion of the evening was the absolute highlight. The room went dark, and chairs came out to the soft sounds of an acoustic guitar. Would bongos follow? Or would there be a repeat of that odd instance in Australia when Enrique told a few dudes he'd brought onstage that his wee-wee was not big. Remember that? That was kinda what happened next.

Photo by Sayre Berman

The chairs set up in a half-circle gave the stage a living room feel. A few musicians played a song in Spanish. Then Enrique brought up two dudes from the audience to guzzle rum, sing terribly, strut down the catwalk, and generally be strange. One was a bedazzled, possibly straight old guy in a cowboy hat. Enrique remembered him from attending all of Enrique's shows -- last year in Miami, Dallas, Houston, Vegas, you get it. This obsessive was from Oklahoma. The other was a middle-aged Indian guy whose singing voice could kill living creatures. When Enrique poured the booze in his mouth, he almost barfed. It was awkward, cute, and stupid. I loved it.

But it was as though Enrique was Oprah. When Iglesias asked them if they were driving before they took the first shot and they said, "Yes," Enrique yelled, "Then I'll give you a ride home." And no shit, we really think he handed him car keys. And even more so, we think he was all, "You get a car, you get a car," because look at this photo with them in a freaking car together.

JLo 063.JPG
Photo by Sayre Berman

Enrique's told us that it wasn't staged, these were real randoms from the crowd. He swore on his mother's life -- she was in the crowd, probably delighted to hear her life meant that much to her handsome son. He sang "Stand By Me" in a weird falsetto, a song he said "literally" saved him when he was homesick at nine and had to move to Miami from Madrid.

There were lasers, smoke, a screensaver background, confetti, and some more hits like "Be With You." Then the man popped up at the back of the theater on a tiny stage and the crowd went into hysterics. He yelled at the American Airlines Arena security to lay off his hometown fans, encouraging fans to jump barricades. Fire codes be damned. He screamed, "Miami's my city! Best fucking city in the world!"

JLo 600.JPG
Photo by Sayre Berman
Que gay, bro

During "Hero," he brought up an older Colombian lady whose name sounded like "Nasty." They slow danced, and he said, "Nasty is nasty." Then he smooched her. She did a sexy dance for him as he put her hand on his butt and put his paw in her ass pocket. The crowd ate it up. It was probably the weirdest thing they'd ever seen. At the end, he offered to be her novio. Ay, que cute.

JLo 457.JPG
Photo by Sayre Berman
Weirdest show ever! Check! Yes!

We can't decide if the crowd was there for Enrique or J.Lo. They all seemed to know this "Ole! Ole!" shit that Enrique did, but he was clearly the opening act. Jennifer Lopez came out in full '90s force with a sort of medley of her past hits. This bitch is fierce. She brought out songs we'd forgotten, but were glad to remember, like "All I have" and "Ain't That Funny."

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