Lil Wayne's Totally Insane Lawsuit Deposition: An Extremely Detailed Breakdown

Lil Wayne cannot recall a goddamn thing.

From his time behind bars on Rikers Island to selling the most records of any musician in 2008, the YMCMB mastermind has plum forgotten his whole life.

At least, that seems to be his go-to response in recently released deposition videos, recorded during his lawsuit proceedings against Quincy Jones III over a documentary the star calls a "scandalous portrayal."

Hilarity ensues as Wayne proceeds to make Jones's lawyer Pete Ross his bitch.

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In this first video, Wayne watches a clip of himself talking with Katie Couric. Then Weezy tells the lawyer that his questions are both absurd and beyond the realm of him giving a fuck. He sounds kind of like a middle school kid who's too smart to get himself into trouble.

When asked about a performance that he gave with Kanye West, all the rapper says is, "I dunno, but I know I did perform at this bad-ass bitch birthday party recently. She was crazy stupid thick."

In the second video, Mr. Carter straight stonewalls Ross out of his mind. "I don't recall" is all the wordsmith can muster. The rapper denies having any memory of being caught with guns or serving time in prison, neither does he remember selling shitloads of records. Hey, he was hella stoned that year.

When Wayne finally starts claiming not to remember winning awards for his best-selling album Tha Carter III before the question is even asked, the judge reprimands the rapper not to answer before questions have been posed.

"I'm sorry. That's my psychic. I'm sorry."

In the last video, Wayne continues refusing to answer questions. He claims not to portray any sort of public image and becomes quietly angry with the whole process.

"You know he can't save you, right? In the real world," he says softly. "That guy right there, he can't save you in the real world."

The YMCMB boss promises that's not a threat against the lawyer. But then he goes and says it again, in an even creepier way. Maybe it's not a threat. And maybe Wayne can't actually remember anything. But all we know is we don't ever wanna be on the other end of Weezy's table.

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By avoiding questions - in poker and in depositions, that's a "tell". Thanks to his non-answers, the lawyers now know what to probe further, what the sensitive areas are that will get him to have a meltdown and have a jury view him as unstable and without credibility. Remember, this is a CIVIL case, not a criminal one. Weezy thought he was smart but really he helped out the other side a lot...

Alex Anico
Alex Anico

Lil wayne talks and looks like he has down syndrome...


First, JUDGES are NOT at depositions, only the attorneys are there. But I can guarantee one thing, when the other side's attorney takes this matter up (the deponent not answering, not cooperating at his deposition) with the judge assigned to this case, the judge will be PISSED.j If the other side pursues this, Lil Wang will have to pay both sides costs AND be held in contempt if he pulls this stunt again. Perhaps Lil Wang likes the Big Wangs in jail and wants to go back??? Needless to say, Lil Wang (and yes I know it is Wayne) is self promoting with one of his brands on the hoodie and this is all theatrics to get people to watch him.

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