Lil Wayne's "No Frank Ocean" Slur Is the New "No Homo"

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There's a new way of declaring "no homo" before complimenting another dude's ridiculous abs or quipping that homie's butt sags in JNCO jeans. His name is Frank Ocean.

Lil Wayne has reduced the Odd Future crooner and sexually explorative breakthrough R&B star to a questionably homophobic slang on his latest track, a remix of Future's "Turn on the Lights."

Instead of yelling "no homo," Wayne claims "no Frank Ocean" when his sexual orientation's threatened. And just so there's no confusion, Weezy also admits on the track that he eats "pussy for breakfast."

The "Turn on the Lights" remix surfaced earlier this morning, about two weeks after the Young Money Cash Money capo dropped his latest mixtape, Dedication 4.

On "Lights," Wayne raps, "Tell her I skate/I ain't got no worries/No Frank Ocean, I'm straight," replacing his once-ubiquitous "no homo" phrase with an unnecessary personal jab.

Ocean has yet to comment and Weezy hasn't addressed the controversial line, but the lyrics in question have sparked debate.

"No offense to Tunechi," writes Hip Hop Wired's Kazeem Famuyide, "but Future's version definitely has a little bit more feeling behind it."

Rap Radar calls "Turn on the Lights" an "obnoxious single," blasting it as one of "various records" that Weezy's jumped on as of late.

Meanwhile,Pitchfork says it's "extremely raunchy" but "more engaging" than anything on Dedication 4.

What do you think? Is the remix better than the original? Or just lazy, homophobic crap?

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Lil' Wayne is completely useless to music. Frank Ocean is a lyrical, vocal and musical genius. Straight men are intimidated by the fact that a gay man can make better music than them. Lil' Wayne is clearly intimidated by anything that is a threat (probably because he is 4'11, egotistical and talentless). Gays have a proven track record of being more creative, honest and boundary pushing when it comes to music: George Michael, Elton John, David Bowie, Adam Lambert, Ricky Martin, Rufus Wainwright, Freddy Mercury, MIKA... they have the ability to have a more open mind. It is clear that he is using Frank Ocean's popularity to bank on his own account. It's a pathetic low blow, a lack of creativity and another pointless attempt at rappers trying to be "artistic" and failing.... 

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