Steven Tyler and The Top Five Musical Nudists

See also "Steven Tyler Passes Out in the Shower! His Five Most Embarrassing Moments."

Every few months, Steven Tyler emerges from his cavern of unearthly delights to reveal a new phase in his gradual transition from rock 'n' roll sex symbol to an extraterrestrial grandmother with the grossest toes we've ever seen.

Most recently, however, the paparazzi has taken note of the bodies surrounding Steven Tyler. Because they're buck-ass naked.

That's right ... TMZ caught Stevie hanging out at a nudist beach with clothes on. Come on, dude! Take a little, give a little.

After the jump, check out Crossfade's list of musicians who are actually serious about nudity.

5. Red Hot Chili Peeners
Yowza bowza ba-ba-baloooo! Who better to kick this flesh fest off than the naked nonsensically scatting cavemen themselves, the Red Hot Chili Peeners. The Peps shoved their dicks in tube socks over two decades ago, but the feat remains their greatest hit since Weird Al's parody of "Give It Away."

4. Dick 182
Blink 182 was an important part of our sexual development. We can't tell you how many times we requested the video for "What's My Age Again?" on The Box. And we had never honestly considered "if it would be nice to have a blowjob (from your mom)" until Tom Delonge was kind enough to pose the question for us.

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