Black Moth Super Rainbow and Freaks Frotting in Unicorn Costumes for Halloween in Miami

Photo by Danielle Ungermann
Black Moth Super Rainbow
With Casket Girls, Ark IX, and Mr. Feathers
The Stage, Miami
Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Better Than: Having frotteurs dressed as unicorns, human fruits, and Batman characters rub against you in eerie silence.

Last night, Sweat Records brought Black Moth Super Rainbow to The Stage shortly before midnight, officially kicking off Halloween with a set of mind-melting awesome weirdness.

It was the kind of show where the crowd tossed around wigs instead of beach balls and the slam pit was full of people wrapped in Christmas lights and wearing Sponge Bob masks. Yes, it was Devil's Night. But for BMSR, this was just another Tuesday night.

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Photo by Danielle Ungermann

On record and video, there are few bands that manage to be stranger than BMSR without sacrificing catchy hooks and pure fun. And that sensibility translates live, for sure. Older songs held up well alongside new songs, like riff-heavy "Hairspray Heart" off latest album Cobra Juicy. Current single, "Windshield Smasher," got a spontaneous sing-along from the crowd, a fan in a horse mask lifting it up long enough to be able to belt out the chorus

And the band played in front of a series of projections of unsettling locations shot by frontman Tom Fec mostly in and around his home base in Pittsburgh. There was a playground swingset overlooking a nuclear powerplant, a country road periodically visited by scary monsters, and a graveyard plagued by trundling hippies.

Photo by Danielle Ungermann

Stuttering drums. Apoplectic synthesizers. And Fec, who performs under the name Tobacco, processes his vocals until he sounds like Siri in a major k-hole, giving turn-by-turn directions across George Clinton's scalp. Each time he sings a line, Tobacco bends over to reach the foreshortened microphone hooked into his electronics rig. We worry about the long-term effects on his posture; you've got to be weird with your legs, not with your back, Tobacco.

Maybe the striking thing about seeing BMSR live is how quickly normalized their weirdness becomes. Without the context of your boring chaste bedroom or a college-radio playlist, BMSR's music begins to sound less strange and more like the really catchy pop songs they are. Even Tobacco's distorted vocals become intelligible after being immersed in a few songs, like spending a semester abroad in a Hieronymus Bosch painting.

Photo by Danielle Ungermann

You could close your eyes at last night's BMSR show and assume you were plummeting through an endless abyss lined in fur or standing on a raft in a sea of hot pink jello. But open your eyes and it was just The Stage with a band that didn't look so much different from the average post-university jam band.

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