Com Truise, Poolside, Bonde do Role, and Halloween at EVE Miami, October 27

King Pubert says, "BOO!"
Com Truise, Poolside, and Bonde do Rolê
EVE, Miami
Saturday, October 27, 2012

The decentralization of Halloween (that is, when the All Hallow's Eve actually falls on a weeknight and nobody knows when to party) makes an already surreal holiday that much weirder.

Instead of one night of spooky shit, oversexed belligerence, and outlandish pop-culture references, the holiday becomes a cartoonishly twisted, week-long affair.

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For this past weekend's Mission to Mars party at EVE (hosted by perpetually hustling post-disco impresarios, Nightdrive, as well as Poplife), most people were dressed straight-up Saturday Night Normal. And we're not sure we saw a single person wearing a costume pertaining to the evening's sci-fi theme.

Bonde do Rolê.jpg
Photo by Teresa Liberatore
Bonde do Rolê

Bonde do Rolê1.jpg
Photo by Teresa Liberatore
Bonde do Rolê

comtruiseBonde do Rolê.jpg
Photo by Teresa Liberatore
Bonde do Rolê

But who gives a fancy fuck about what people are wearing when the tunes are top quality.

We arrived just as opening act Bonde do Rolê took the stage like Samba-obsessed aerobics instructors. And even though the crowd was still warming up, this trio of Brazilian MCs performed like they were on a parade float in the middle of Rio De Janeiro during the peak of carnival.

Their music was supplied completely via laptop, but Bonde do Rolê compensated with captivating physicality on-par with those freaks in Die Antwoord. But that's really where the comparisons end, as the South American electro troupe is the DayGlo antidote to the South African duo's dark, post-colonial abstractions. We heard shades of Le Tigre, reggaeton and funk carioca, traditional Brazilian music, and Miami's own Avenue D.

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1306 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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