Congorock on Blogging, Hipster Electro, and Whether EDM Is Actually Wimpy

EDM has America by the throat. But how did it get to be this way?

Well, we can't say definitively. Although, it kinda started with blogging hipsters in 2006.

Hell, some of the DJs making waves on the scene today started out as bloggers, like Italian electro badass Congorock. He remembers the good old days when the dance music scene was more like an edgy punk shit-show than a kandi-colored rainbow fest.

But does he agree with Crossfade that you're all a bunch of wimps?

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Crossfade: It's awesome that you used to be a blogger.
Congrorock: "Congorock," in the beginning, was a blog where I was posting my own podcasts of other stuff I would find on the Internet, mainly obscure disco or dance music that I thought was interesting to listen to. It was the best way for me to stand out when I started DJing. There were a lot of DJs that could beat-match with CDJs, and the only way to stand out for me was to make this podcast and let people know that I was actually mixing records during my DJ sets. It all started from there. And then when I actually started doing production, I began my DJ-producer career and quit blogging. But I still keep an eye on blogs.

A few years back, like in '06 and '07, it seemed dance music and blogging really evolved together.
Yeah, that's true. Personally, dance music belongs to blogs. Like, what I learn comes from blogs more than magazines. When I was living in Italy, there wasn't even any dance music magazines. So everything I wanted to find out, it was through the Internet or blogs. The first wave of electro, like 2007 and 2008, was strongly influenced by blogs. I think it was multiple factors working together to make electro big at that stage. Now I think we're at a different stage of that electronic music scene. Probably blogs don't have the same appeal as before. Or probably they have, I dunno. But I have other resources to find my music, what I'm gonna play. Right now, I'd rather talk to my circle of DJ friends to find out what's cool and what's new and things like that.

What are you listening to now?
I really like two producers and they're both my friends: Clockwork from L.A. and GTA from Miami. It's great because I dig a lot of their stuff and they're also good friends. So basically, there's a stronger friendship between me and them. Other than dance music, I still listen to a little bit of punk and hardcore because that's where I come from. And right now I'm listening to Converge, a metal punk band. It's pretty sick.

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