Diplo Traps Out at LIV Miami, Parties with Hulk Hogan, Kim Kardashian, and Dirty Hairy

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Dirty Hairy's at LIV, Miami Beach
Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Better Than:
Being dead or in jail.

Trappin' is hard work. But someone's gotta do it.

Good thing the World's Crunkest DJ came through town last night to serve the fiends with every bit of crack music they could handle. He even had the bitches twerkin' off in the aisles and shit. 'Cause that's how Diplo does it.

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We got there mad early, just as the club was opening its doors. Resident beat masher Jessica Who was in the building, working the place up with some classic hip-hop jams. As the heads came through the gate, getting things started at the bar and moving toward the dance floor, Ms. Who livened up the mood with more and more funky rhythms.

Suddenly, there was a commotion on the floor as a special guest arrived. None other than Hulk Hogan and his son, who happens to be an aspiring DJ himself. A half-hour or so later, the man of the hour made a quieter entrance. But by the time he reached the stairs to the stage, girls had taken notice.

"Diplo! Oh my god! Diplo!" they screamed.

It was still another half hour until the Mad Decent maestro took control of the decks. But the crowd was primed and ready.

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"Miami! How you feelin' tonight?" he shouted into the mike. "I heard LIV is the best club in the whole country. That's what I heard. Tonight's gonna be the craziest night we've had at LIV. Ever."

The Mad Decent boss got right down and dirty with it, dropping some hard-edged moombah beats beneath the flashing blue-and-red ceiling. Dudes in suits in the VIP booths were getting loose, pouring entire vodka bottles down their throats as the females shook ass around LIV in Diplo shades. Almost immediately, girls got on their boyfriends shoulders.

Mr. Dip was dropping that real booty- and titty-shaking shit, calling every three songs or so for Miami to "put those hands in the air."

It wasn't too long before he went into some classic Major Lazer originals, like "Pon De Floor" and "Jump Up." He kept the vibe blazing with Azalea Bank's "212," always finding room for a well-timed "Diplo" sample name drop.

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