Dwarves' Blag Dahlia on Fascistic Left-Wing Propaganda and Visiting G.G. Allin in Prison

Tell us more about visiting G.G. Did you have to call ahead? How do you visit G.G. Allin in jail?
We just pulled up. It was pretty neat.

Had he seen The Dwarves? Did you guys have a rapport before you showed up?
No. He was just happy someone was coming to see him. We were on tour and heard that he was in prison in Michigan. We showed up and he'd shaved his hair, [and had] tufts [of hair] on top of his head. And he goes, "Some black guys think I have AIDs."

Throughout punk history you've got a lot of visits like that. Burroughs hanging out with Patti Smith, Harley Flannagan and Ginsberg. G.G. visited John Wayne Gacy didn't he?
That was why he got arrested. He was arrested by the secret service. He was writing letters to serial killers in prison telling them he admired them and that he was going to kill people on stage. The secret service got ahold of those letters and trumped up a charge against him in Michigan. He was railroaded into prison based on some letters he had written. In case any of you are interested in due process: there was no much extended to ol' G.G.

The Dwarves appear to be an art statement or even some kind of nihilist statement. But do you have a political ideology?
You hit it on the head. We're an artistic thing. We're a nihilistic thing. We're not a political thing.The band is never really accused of anything politically. We've never really shown any political inclination. But we know a fascist when we see one. Florida's full of 'em. Including the guy that put our last bonafide fascist in office. I don't support anything conservative or Libertarian in any way.

Rick Scott is pretty shitty too. So you say you subscribe to a degree of Leftism. But over the years, your lyrics and album art been accused of sexism and misogyny. As an impartial observer, I understand what you're saying about the band being a joke, or that you don't really mean what you're saying...

Wait, I didn't say that. Some things belong in different camps. A band like The Dwarves is not driven by ideology, but that doesn't mean the people in the band don't have one. There's about to be an election and I hope that the fascists don't win that. But in terms of The Dwarves, its not a political entity because it doesn't give a political solution.

We run afoul of left-wing people who think we're misogynist. And it's too bad. Because it's when left-wing people don't really understand what left-wing discourse is. And they [produce] a fascistic form of left-wing propaganda.

There can be a reactionary strain in a lot of leftist discourse that just ends up being senseless censorship.
We've reached the point unfortunately where you can't even bring things up anymore. Its one thing to be against racism, but it's another to not be able to mention race. Political correctness ruined a lot of good Leftist ideology because it was too dogmatic. I would leave that to the Right.

Is the present era the most polished The Dwarves have ever been?
We know more about how to make records than ever before. But in terms of the live show, we suck just as badly as ever.

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@Crossfade_SFL wonderful, the headline makes me look like a neo-con! This is why we never mention politics!


Ironically, he doesn't associate with ANYTHING libertarian, and yet he rags on the left for not being libertarian enough.

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