Fashion Freakouts at the Back in Black Halloween Rave in Miami

Back in Black 2012 Crystal Method Lego Heads.jpg
Ravers usually dress pretty cray. But ravers on Halloween really know what they're doing.

We here at Crossfade went to Back in Black at Club Space this weekend. And though we were totally impressed by the awesome DJs and supercool laser lights, it was all the great costumes that really blew us away. Y'all really got into it, and it looks like you made most of those wacky getups yourselves.

Don't just take our word for it, look at these beautiful people!

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Back in Black Superman.jpg
Oh, Superman. You've never looked so brawny before. Not sure if this is natural. Maybe Clark Kent's juicing. But either way, he needs to keep doing it.

Back in Black Honey Boo Boo.jpg
Honey Boo Boo must be on that Hollywood Coke diet because she is dropping them pounds and looking hella sexified.

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34 NE 11th St., Miami, FL

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