Hialeah Fest 2012: "Bro, We Got Everything!"

Ferny sez, "Hialeah kicks ass!" 
Ferny Coipel answers the phone with an enthusiastic, "What's up, brother?!" that sounds like a cross between Cheech, Chong and Hulk Hogan.

Though we suspect the Humbert guitarist and Hialeah Fest coordinator is the kind of guy who is perpetually stoked on life, his enthusiasm may be partially attributed to his signature superlocal festival celebrating its 18th year.

For nearly two decades, the fest has "showcased talent somehow affiliated with Hialeah," managing to become one of the longest running music events in Miami.

When pressed to describe what Hialeah Fest is all about, Coipel declares with Miamian bombast, "Bro, we've got everything!"

Ferny explains that the two-day soiree's organizers -- he and Humbert bassist Tony Landa -- "don't try to make it diverse."

"We find that Hialeah has enough connections to enough talent that it just ends up being diverse. We've got indie-rock bands, regular rock bands, Motown stuff, rap bands. We got a comedian. We've had Spanish music. We've had Christian music."

Another key component to the Hialeah Fest equation is short set lengths.

"You got 15 minutes to rock and then you're done," Coipel explains. "If you takes you longer than that to say what you gotta say, you don't need to say it."

Hialeah Fest 2012: Day One

-The Brand
-Nil Lara
-Jellyfish Brothers
-Nag Champayons present Hialeah Selassie
-Electric Piquete
-Stop the Presses
-Haochi Waves
-Ricky Valido & the Hialeah Hillbillies
-Change Is Great
-Lex Crew
-Brand Name Punk
-The Vilifiers
-Mind You
-The Bum Hips
-Sophie Sputnik
-In Habit
-By Default

Location Info


Churchill's Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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