John Lydon (AKA Johnny Rotten) Is Still a Total Asshole: His Ten Shittiest Moments

Yes, John Lydon (AKA Johnny Rotten) is still a total asshole.

Last week, we here at Crossfade attempted to conduct a phone interview with the Public Image LTD frontman and former Sex Pistol. But unfortunately, Johnny seemed to be stuck in one of his legendarily shitty moods.

After only a couple of minutes and three questions about PiL, the Pistols, punk in the 21st Century, and imprisoned Russian band Pussy Riot, he suddenly started farting with anger, dropped a pissy turd, and hung up.

Obviously, though, our crappy little bickering match with the 56-year-old English sphincter cannot compare to the fecal free-for-alls of yore. Thus, we present Johnny Rotten's top ten gaping A-hole moments. Enjoy.

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Crapping in Class
As a child, John Joseph Lydon was a quiet little asshole. He was "very shy" and "nervous as hell." He was too terrified to speak. He rarely made a peep. Even when crapping in class. As recounted on page 16 of his 1993 autobiography, Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs, lil' Johnny loathed school. "I was frightened of it and didn't like it at all," Lydon recalls. "I had several embarrassing incidents ... I would shit my pants and be too scared to ask the teacher to leave the class. I'd sit there in a pants load of poo all day long."

Unloading at Tea Time
Grown up, still full of shite, but now fronting the Sex Pistols, Johnny joined his bandmates and a bunch of other punks like Siouxsie Sioux for some face-time on popular British talk show Today, hosted by a drunk guy named Bill Grundy. Broadcast during the early evening of December 1, 1976, this programming gimmick rapidly degenerated into an all-out turd fight after Grundy made a lame, lecherous pass at Siouxsie. As Johnny and the rest flung figurative feces at Grundy, Pistol guitarist Steve Jones spewed filth like "dirty bastard" and "fucking rotter." The Brit TV audience was outraged. The tabloids went mad. And the ensuing scandal killed Grundy's career. For the next 20 years, no matter how hard he scrubbed, the TV man could never wash the smell of the Sex Pistols' stink off his face. He died in 1993.

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wow I'd never heard of this guy before but he seems like a total badass from this article. if you were trying to make him look bad you did a shit job of that. 


My, my - another critic who gets his back up when his ego is massaged by a grovelling musician... I suggest Mr/Mrs/Ms Pajot try banother profession, as he/she/it is obviously not a writer in the remotest sense of the word.

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