Lil Wayne Hospitalized After Mid-Flight Seizure Causes Emergency Landing in Texas

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Lil Wayne suffered a mid-flight seizure on Thursday afternoon, causing his private jet to make an emergency landing in Texas.

The 30-year-old rapper was immediately transported to a local hospital where, according to TMZ, he was treated for several hours and ultimately released at 6 p.m. central time.

The story is quite similar to that of Miami rapper and Wayne associate Rick Ross who suffered two seizures in October of last year.

Now we here at Crossfade are wondering just what the hell is going on with these rappers on planes?

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Sure, Rick Ross looks like a giant gummy bear, and they say you are what you eat, but Lil Wayne looks a little less like a poster child for abnormal neuronal activity. Then again, it wasn't that long ago that the MC was straight addicted to cough syrup.

Some seizures can be caused by withdrawals from alcohol or prescription medications. However, there's no word on the cause of Weezy's in-flight nightmare.

According to TMZ, it remains unclear whether doctors made an official diagnosis or determined a cause, though he's "feeling better" enough to have been sent on his way.

Here's hoping Weezy heeds this wake-up call and tends to his brain health like a true Young Money millionaire.

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Andrea Duran
Andrea Duran

Maybe it's from all the sizzurp he drinks!

Rebecca Chancy
Rebecca Chancy

He obviously has a musical ear. Not my taste but then again neither was Jimi Hendrix.

Steve Ross
Steve Ross

Odd... he normally takes such great care of himself.


@Crossfade_SFL he needs to layoff the Molly

Mitchell Wiggs
Mitchell Wiggs

Reminds me of the "seizure" Rick Ross had on the airplane a few months back

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