Miley Cyrus Makes Sexy Vid With Miami-Born Porn Star Jessie Andrews

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Miami girl and XXX actress Jessie Andrews.
She's done it all ... Girl-on-girl sex scenes, deep-throat blowjobs, female-male-male threesomes, you name it.

But 20-year-old Miami-born porn star Jessie Andrews is more than just a pretty strawberry blonde with adorable B-cups and unrivaled gag reflexes, she's a bona fide music video sensation.

Just seven months ago, Andrew starred in Israeli dubstep guru and then-boyfriend Borgore's video for "Flex."

Later this week, she's set to reprise her role as Borgore's favorite video vixen in "Decisions," the DJ's collaborative track with Miley Cyrus, according to TMZ.

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Andrews agreed to star in the still-unreleased video, which was filmed last week in Hollywood, after Miley and Borgore reached out. In fact, Borgore allegedly wrote "Decisions" about Andrews, detailing the existential crisis he had when the two started dating.

"Decisions, between a family or a porn star/Humble life or sports cars, liver or the whole bar/Headache for my management, gossip columns resident/Your mom and dad might hate me, but in five years I'm the president..."

While his lyrics suggest that dating a porn star inevitably destroys liver enzymes, Andrews isn't a stereotypical on-screen sexpot. She's a good girl.

"I like to stay home," she said when Vice asked about her lifestyle. "I'm a loser."

In her spare time, Andrews handcrafts custom jewelry from her home in Los Angeles, and sells the creations on her online store, Bagatiba.

She's also a social media junkie. Andrews spends more time on Tumblr (NSFW), Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter than most 14-year-olds do while cruising the Web for free porn.

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George I'doccupyThat Owen
George I'doccupyThat Owen

"Fuck you mom don't tell me what to do! I'm into dubstep and hang out wirh pornstars now."- Miley Cyrus

Lex Aviles
Lex Aviles

wait, what? Jessie did not tell me about this...

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