Mystikal Contemplating XXX Career, Might F#$% Wit Porn Star Pinky for Free

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Porn star Pinky likes to "Shake It Fast."
It's been more than a decade since Mystikal had a hit, but he can still hit it from the back.

At least, that's what porn star Pinky said when she heard the out-of-jail rapper would choose her to take his XXX virginity.

Basically, if Mystikal can't make another hit record soon, he's going to whip it out on camera and make money the old-fashioned way.

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Talking to TMZ, Pinky admits to bein' hella flattered when Mystikal revealed that she was his first choice for breaking into the porn scene. She even says she would def let him bang her on film for her website.

But just because he's already famous doesn't mean a bad bitch is gonna break off any bills.

Hit records or not, in the world of porn, Mystikal is an amateur. And Pink does not pay amateurs, "no matter how good he is in bed."

Maybe the rapper should do it anyway, though. Because it might be hard to find down-ass bitches, considering he served time in jail for sexual battery.

For her part, Pinky the kinky ho don't give a shit that Mystikal spent six years in the slammer for abusing ladies and their private parts.

"I think he came out looking better than when he went in."

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Jason Lauderdale
Jason Lauderdale

somehow this ends with mixtapes people fap to.....cosign denied.

Ari Givony
Ari Givony

Your editor deserves the nobel prize for literature.

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