Rihanna Naked on Unapologetic Cover: Five Albums With Boobs, Butts, and Baby Penises

Rihanna's under-boob tattoo has made a comeback.

Earlier today, the singer surprised her fans by revealing both the release date and cover art for her forthcoming record.

Appropriately titled Unapologetic, RiRi's seventh studio album will hit shelves on November 19, MTV reports. But even more exciting is the fact that the singer's naked torso will be pictured on the record's NSFW cover art.

Ugh, if only she'd move that left elbow, right?

Of course, Rihanna isn't the only musician to go full frontal on an album cover. Check out some of our favorite boobs, butts, and baby penises from records past.

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5. John Lennon and Yoko Ono - Unfinished Music No.1: Two Virgins
The only thing more disturbing than "two slightly overweight ex-junkies" standing nude in Ringo Starr's basement is what's behind the album art and on the actual record. Poor John Lennon.


4. Prince - Lovesexy
While it was favorably received by fans and critics alike, Prince's 1988 Lovesexy record is best known for its awkward cover art, not the music.

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