Seven Best Pop Star Stage Pukers! From Gaga and Bieber to the Bloodhound Gang

Justin Bieber is a Puker.jpg
Pop stars are losing it. Specifically their lunch, all over themselves and in front of their fans.

Princess RiRi recently blew chunks in the middle of "What's My Name?" in Portugal, but she didn't have the guts to barf on stage.

Nay, it takes a truly exhibitionist soul to let loose in front of all those peering eyes. Only those with a certain kind of perverse swag can let it spew and sing right through it. Yes, that's happened.

Watch these pros puke, if you have the stomach.

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Justin Bieber
Hey, bro! Do you see any pretty girls out there? Do you wanna go puke on them? Everything is going well for our handsome piece of boy-meat until the ladies come near him. Then it's all over for him. But we already knew Bieber fans are into puke-play.

Ten Foot Spew
Whoever this guy is, he's rockin' the shit out of that poet's shirt. He's rockin' so hard he can no longer take it. He tries to be nice and turns around before bowing out completely. Damn, he totally ruined that shirt.

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