Seven Signs Dr. Dre Might Be Going Crazy

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Yo, what is going on with Dr. Dre? We're worried about him.

He's exhibiting some strange behavior; even his closest friends seem to think he might be losing it. He's almost never seen or heard from, just holed up inside his California studio, in his epic castle-mansion, making beats and headphones and mumbling to himself about "The Next Episode."

We only say this because we love him. But we're pretty sure Dr. Dre might be going crazy.

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We believe the root of the problem lies in the past. Remember when it took Dre about seven years to release his second album? It seemed like maybe he just needed a lot of time. But even in the lyrics, you could hear his ugly insecurities. All that stuff about listening to the haters, them being the reason that Dre ain't been getting no sleep. Back in '99, he had the strength and courage to let them know it was still Dre day. But what about now?

Musical Hoarding
Dre is a producer, and a prolific one at that. But for the last decade and a half, he's been working on an "upcoming" album entitled Detox. It's been rumored to be finished about four times, but it always manages to get pushed back. He's also supposed to be working on an instrumental concept album, The Planets, with not even a note to be heard. But he even hoards music from others. Most recently, Lil Wayne has said he's recorded "like 90" songs with Dre. Where are those? When you create, you gotta release it into the world. Or you'll go crazy.

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