Snoop Dogg Lion Supports "Beating the Shit Out" of Mitt Romney and Voting for Michelle Obama's "Fat Ass"

Snoop Lion: Political philosopher.
It seems as though newly minted Rastafarian, Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Doggy Dogg), has picked up more than a newfound appreciation for the work of Haile Selassie in service of Jah Rastafari.

If the one-time West Coast gangsta's Twitter is any indication (not to mention his endorsement of Obama), the legendary rapper and recent reggae convert is also cultivating an interest in political discourse.

Most recently, Snoop retweeted a pair of lists written by some anonymous jabroni detailing a desire to "beat the shit" out of GOP Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, and an appreciation for First Lady Michelle Obama's supersized badonk.

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Snoop's repost is essentially a co-sign. So it's likely that one may deduce a fairly accurate conception of Jah Lion's political philosophy from his presence on Web 2.0. Let's break the lists down by candidate.

Why Snoop Lion is Not Voting for Mitt Romney
10. "He is a white nigga."
9. "This muthafucka's name is Mitt."
8. "Bitch got a dancing horse."
7. "He a ho."
6. "He looks like he says 'ni**er' all the time."
5. "This muthafucka's name is Mitt."
4. "He always interrupts and talks over people like he's better than them. Bitch I will beat the shit out of you."
3. "He's a Mormon but he ain't got no hoes."
2. "He reminds me of every boss I ever hated."
1. "This muthafucka's name is Mitt."

Hey, that all sounds good to us. And, yes, we are especially distraught by Romney's shocking lack of hoes.

How about Obama? What does Snoop Lion's Twitter have to say about the only president who can dance as well as Andre 3000?

Why Snoop Lion is Voting for Obama
10. "He a black nigga."
9. "He mad cool yo."
8. "That nigga look like he can fight."
7. "He wears a durag like me."
6. "Michelle got a fat ass."
5. "He's BFF with Jay-Z."
4. "He's hugged Beyonce before and sniffed her neck."
3. "We use the same hair clippers."
2. "He smokes Newports."
1. "I seen that nigga hoop before, and he got a jumper."

We're surprised there was no mention of Obama's reefer madness when he was a member of the notorious Choom Gang. If anything that's, like, the number one reason to vote for him!

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