Space Between Words Opening Magnetron Recording Studios in South Miami Arts District

Photo by Alex J. Hernandez/
Space Between Words' Steven Weingarth.
"Fucking badass!"

That's how Cubed, the bass player and so-called "15th Level Wizard of Sound Manipulation" for local groove crew Space Between Words, describes his band's latest project: Magnetron Studios.

"It's in the heart of the South Miami art district," SBW singer and guitar guy Steven Weingarth adds. "We partnered up with Max Axe Guitars, who graciously gave us a bit over 600 square feet of their music gear gallery to create our sweet studio.

"It's like walking into a musician's heaven."

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"It's a big space with four badass walls!" Cubed enthuses. "We're constructing big movable boom walls, so that we can reshape the room into whatever the recording requires and to experiment with room dynamics."

"Tons of guitars and amps line the walls as you make your way into the actual recording space," Steven says. "We're really trying to create a stress-free and comfortable environment that massages your creativity."


Space Between Words' recording studio will operate alongside the band's already existing Magnetron Publishing company, assisting independent musicians with marketing and legal matters while also encouraging them to take control of their own careers.

"We've been using our own publishing company ever since we put out our first album," Steven explains. "Every musician should own their own publishing company. Later on down the road, if they score a licensing plug or good radio play, they'll take home a larger percentage as a result."

Or as Cubed puts it: "More money in your pocket equals more bacon in your tummy."

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Max Axe Guitars

4467 SW 71st Ave., Miami, FL

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"We all have ..... pretty sweet day jobs. So this isn't our bread and butter."

Kind of says it all.


 @GlopperTwo Yeah, It means we all went to college and work our asses off 9 to 5 and then spend our free time drinking, playing live shows and in the studio.

We are not driven by money as a result. We are not client hungry as a result. We rather find meaningful projects that need a bit of help and help them with a quality recording, publishing and marketing direction. Unfortunately, we aren't going to have time to work with everyone and so we are forced to be selective. In fact, one of our first clients, The Vilifiers hasn't even put down a dime and we've already recording about a third of their album.


Thank you to everyone who has helped SBW in the past and allowed us to achieve this dream.

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