Ten Craziest Fan Cults in Music: From the Beliebers to the Wacko Jackos and the Juggalos

Music fans can be really devoted.

But it takes a special breed to join a crazy fan cult.

And yet, music has exactly that kind of power over some people. It's a fine line between in love and psychopathically obsessed.

But whose fans are the freakiest? Who is the government watching? Who might sneak up and kill you? Read on to find out who needs to remind their fans, "Please, don't love me that much."

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God What Awful Racket. Did you know that's what it stands for? Kids who love Gwar must have a screw loose or something. Because not only are they happy to go out, listen to some shit music made by engineers, and get covered in fake blood. They leave those clothes on to freak out their coworkers or fellow students the next day. But are they really insane? Nah, they just like a good time.

Cult Factor: 2

The Moz, the Pope of Mope, that guy Johnny Marr can't stand. He's a romantic genius and completely unlovable, but his fans are stark raving mad for Morrissey. Throughout his performances, the crowd is constantly charging the stage to hug him. But did you know Mexican youths think of him as their cultural hero? So don't fuck with the boy with the thorn in his side. Or you might get an unpleasant visit from the Vegetarian Cali Cartel.
Cult Factor: 3

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