Top Five Phattest Rappers of All Time

Photo by Terry Richardson
Is Ricky Rozay the phattest rapper of all time?
Hip-hop is a giant pissing contest set to music.

But while diamond-plated rims and gold watches will always be rap music standard bearers, you rarely hear declarations of being tremendous in the most literal sense possible.

Yes, many rappers are fat. However, only a certain subset of the hip-hop community can be defined as truly phat. And by phat, we mean their plus-sized waistlines are integral to their larger-than-life personas.

Here are Crossfade's top five phattest rappers of all time.

5. Rick Ross
Although The Bawse is the phiphth phattest rapper, he is the number-one MC when it comes to culinarily-inclined lyrical content. One could probably slap together an entire menu based on the grub Rozay namechecks in virtually every song he writes. In fact, somebody already did.

4. Fat Joe
Although Bronx-bred Latino rapper Fat Joe has shed the bulk of his hulk, he made sure to forever honor his previously plus-sized existence by adding "Fat" to his name as though it were a titular prefix like "Don" or "Dr." Unlike that pussy Bow Wow (who decided way too late in the game that he no longer wanted to be "Lil'"), Joe is motherfuckin' dedicated to his stage name.

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Joshua Greg Osorio
Joshua Greg Osorio

action Bronson is a fat rapper who actually used to b a legit chef. rozay sux balls

Anthony Alhashemi
Anthony Alhashemi

Um have you not seen Big Pun? He couldn't even climb the stairs. Tighten up. RIP

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