Top Ten Gross, Funny, and Slutty Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2012

Diddy as Prince.jpg
Diddy does Prince.
All Hallows' Eve is the one time of year when you can wear almost anything.

Some people like to be clever with their Halloween costumes. Others just try to be slutty. Some people dress up as celebrities.

All this goes for your favorite musicians too. Let's take a look at some of this year's celebrity Halloween good, bad, and ugly.

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Halloween 2012 Christina Aguilera.jpg
OK ... Not exactly sure what Christina was going for with this costume. Looks like some kind of insane cotton candy Queen of yesteryear. Whatever it is, it is scary. So extra points for being the most horrifying one of all.

Halloween 2012 Colton Haynes Justin Bieber.jpeg
This pretty boy Colton Haynes is some kind of model actor kid, but all we really care about is how awesome he looks as Justin Bieber. He's even more swaggy than Lil Swaggy himself. And he's got his friend dressed as a manic fan. Definitely a winning costume.

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