Trap Takes Over! Flosstradamus and DJ Sliink Run Shit at Grand Central Miami

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Sorry, Admiral Ackbar. It's too late for your warnings. The kids cannot escape.

America's youth is addicted to the drug-dealing music. And they ain't fina stop twerkin' till they dead. Or in jail.

OK, it's not that serious. But Friday's performance by Flosstradamus at Grand Central proved that trappin' is not only the new hip subgenre of the moment, it's taken complete control of Miami's music masses.

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There had to be over 1,000 partiers crammed into the dark Downtown Miami hangout, poppin' pussies, shakin' titties, and dancing on raised surfaces we didn't even know existed. Shirts only stayed on till about 20 minutes into the Chicago duo's set, and not a single fuck was given all night.

The place was already packed tight when we here at Crossfade arrived around 11 p.m. to see local stunner Mike Deuce going H.A.M. on the decks for a crowd so hype a Justin Bieber remix would have torn the roof off. Every other song, these hard-core party people were letting out "hey" chants, like they were on some real hood shit.

Flosstradamus at Grand Central.jpg

But this wasn't a night brimming with real Miami thugs. It was raver girls with binkies in their mouths. It was skinny white guys with dreads. It was gays bustin' out vogues and hipsters with camera phones and anyone who's anyone at "the party."

Trap music has come a long way since its birth in Houston more than 20 years ago, but most of the kids getting down to the sounds of DJ Sliink and Floss last night don't know the founding fathers. They probably don't even care, which might seem unfortunate to some, but still generates mega moolah for these producers riding trap-house waves to success.

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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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