Y100's Jingle Ball 2012 Lineup Leaked: Justin Bieber, Flo Rida, and Psy ... Maybe

Via twitter.com/JustinBieber
UPDATE Oppa! Jingle style! Y100 Jingle Ball lineup has been confirmed!

Thanks to the Internet, nothing is a secret.

Were you drunk leaving a club this weekend? That little gem is probably on some bouncer's Instagram as we speak.

Are you sexting your nanny? A screenshot of that will be on Facebook in no time unless you give her a raise.

And if you leave an important memo out on your desk during a business meeting, someone will more than likely see it. Or in this case, take a photo of it.

Last week, Crossfade's favorite celebrity stylist, Louis Calveiro, stopped into the Y100 offices for a meeting. While he might have gone in with the intention to do some business, what he left with was a snapshot of the unreleased lineup for this Y100's Jingle Ball.

Later, he tweeted it for his 5,000 followers to see.

Rumored Y100 Jingle Ball 2012 Lineup
*Co-hosted by Justin Bieber

-Flo Rida
-Enrique Iglesias
-Ed Sheeran
-One Republic
-Cher Lloyd
-Neon Trees
-Austin Mahone
-Megan & Liz

While we can't be positive this is the official lineup, we have a good feeling it is. Especially because all but one of these musical acts are currently being voted on by fans as possibilities for the show on Y100.com.


There are the newcomers like Austin Mahone, Megan & Liz, and Ed Sheeran. But to make sure no ticket is left unsold, Y100 brought in the big guns like Flo Rida and Justin Bieber. Even though according to this sheet of paper, the Biebz will only be co-hosting.

So just in case you were thinking of buying a ticket to the Jingle Ball, here are 15 reasons it's probably not a bad idea.

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BB&T Center

1 Panther Parkway, Sunrise, FL

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I think jingle ball 2012 deceived the people specially young audiences last night . It is shame for Y100 as a popular radio station to play Justin bieber songs in their adds , put his name as a singer in the list of singers, and introduce him as host, but he comes on the stage for less than 2 minutes for hugging Elvis duran !What is really annoying me is that: THE GUY ON THE STAGE WAS NOT JUSTIN BIEBER IT WAS HIS BUBBLE NOT HIM , SHAME ON Y100 !


wow Zedd & Afrojack... sounds awesome! 



@QueenOfSwagger those are rumored. but OMGGGGGGG.im so excited to see Justinnnnn


@FabuLouis @MiamiNewTimes how fun!:)


There's Afrojack and Zedd and stuff too.

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

Ewww, top 40 crap....no thank you...public radio is dead

Tony Miller
Tony Miller

This might be my chance to get close to the Biebs. Will there be metal detectors at this event?

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