The 25 Richest Musicians of 2012

15. Diddy ($45 million)
Every time some rapper is talking about Ciroc, Diddy cashes in. At least, figuratively, because that's his fuckin' brand, as in, he gets a good share of the total profits. And bros still be rockin' that Sean John. It's like, when you're Diddy, you don't even have to rap. But it looks like he's poising himself for a comeback.

14. Foo Fighters ($47 million)
Nirvana's Nevermind turns 20, and the damn Foo Fighters are still going at it harder than ever. They had a big hit with their album Wasting Light and subsequent tour schedule. Much like RHCP, these old-school rockers have carved themselves some kind of unfillable niche.

13. Lady Gaga ($52 million)
Besides being a huge hit in the music scene, this bitch debuted her own Fame fragrance just in time for the holiday shopping spree season. Her giant tour continues to knock them dead around the world, and her ever-loyal little monsters eat up anything their mother releases.

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