The 25 Richest Musicians of 2012

8. Taylor Swift ($57 million)
You'd think some guy would stick around for the money, but Ms. Swift isn't sharing any of her hard-earned pile. She made more than $1 million a night on her most recent tour and her new album Red came out of the box running. She sold 1.2 million in her opening week alone.

8. Paul McCartney ($57 million)
He's older than 64, but the world still loves Paul McCartney. This Beatle will be rolling in the millions even after he dies. His royalty checks alone are massive, and he's still making dozens of stops on tour around the world each year. And all those special television appearances.

7. Britney Spears ($58 million)
The bitch is back with a new album, a new attitude, a new show and a million endorsements. She's cleaned up her act and gotten back into shape. Her record Femme Fatale went platinum in the U.S. and she invades homes everywhere on the X Factor. Plus, she still keeps a line of fragrances coming with Elizabeth Arden.

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