Ten Best EDM Parties During Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

Seth Troxler
Art Basel Miami Beach ...

For wealthy locals and jetsetters, it's a chance to shop for additions to their already extravagant art collections and attend velvet-rope receptions in chic new getups.

But for us uhntz-uhntz heads, it's just another excuse to put on our tattered dancing shoes.

In fact electronic dance music parties during Art Basel week seem to have grown exponentially over the years, becoming almost as highly anticipated as Winter Music Conference. And this year is certainly no exception, with a slew of world-class DJ lineups and label showcases slated at the usual hotspots.

Check the cut for Crossfade's top ten EDM parties during Art Basel Miami Beach 2012.

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Choice Meeting with Matt Tolfrey, Simon Baker, and Lazaro Casanova. Presented by Leftroom and Air London. Thursday, December 6, 10 p.m., Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Call 305-456-5613 or visit electricpicklemiami.com. The Air London collective has become synonymous with the finest transatlantic tech-house, as evidenced by its star-studded roster of DJ-producers like the Leftroom label's Matt Tolfrey, Simon Baker, and Miami's own Lazaro Casanova.

Nicolas Jaar. Presented by MOCA. Friday, December 7, 10 p.m., Mondrian South Beach Hotel. 1100 West Avenue, Miami Beach. Call 305-514-1941 or visit mondrian-miami.com. Ostensibly, this production wunderkind is a dance music artist. But his critically acclaimed 2011 debut album, Space Is Only Noise, is more akin to experimental downtempo electronica. Thanks to Young Hearts, you'll get a chance to see Jaar's version of uhntz-uhntz when he drops a DJ set at Bardot on December 6. Then get a more Basel-appropriate taste of his artsier live sound at the Mondrian South Beach on December 7.

Location Info


Electric Pickle

2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

Mondrian South Beach

1100 W. Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: General


323 23rd St., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

Villa 221

221 NE 17th St., Miami, FL

Category: Music


297 NW 23rd St., Miami, FL

Category: Music

The Vagabond - CLOSED

30 NE 14th St., Miami, FL

Category: Music


1235 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

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Moksha Art Fair... Acts like Govinda, Heyoka, Phadroid, and TONS of other quality acts. The event not only covers insanely talented "EDM" producers and DJs BUT also a cast of extremely visionary artist and performers.


Thanks Sean, great communication on what'z up! Found my Sunday party..:) 


Ben UFO + Joy O is gonna be the party of the year god damnit. Who's been releasing more fire than Joy O and who's been pushing sick tunes for the best part of 3+ years? THESE GUYS!


 @richardwatts Grow up, Richard. There are way too many genres and sub-genres of Electronic Dance Music, so "EDM" is a necessary umbrella term for music journalists. It's unfortunate that "EDM" has come to mean mainstream commercial dance music these days. What would you suggest calling it?



 @seanlevisman  @richardwatts What's wrong with house and techno? Incidentally exactly what everyone else called it before the American mainstream jumped on board and thought they'd discovered something new.


I'm not one of these twats who bang on about genres incessantly but surely as a journalist you should recognise the need for them.


And "uhntz-uhntz"... give me a break.



Because we are not only talking about house and techno. These are dozens upon dozens of electronic dance music genres and sub-genres and sub-sub-genres, and an umbrella term is necessary.




Besides, we are not Resident Advisor or a publication for savvy house and techno connoisseurs. We are a mainstream publication with a responsibility to inform and entertain readers who are not as illuminated as you are on the nuances of electronic dance music genres. Miami is lucky enough to have writers on their weekly newspaper who at least know enough about what's going on in the underground dance music scene to presents a list of acts like the one above.


And finally, if you actually bothered reading my descriptions of the sound of each artist booked during Art Basel week, you'd see that I pinpoint what sort of style they are known for, whether it's deep house, techno or bass music.


If you don't like the way we write about your precious music scene, go read Resident Advisor or start your own blog.

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